Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday's start

I love Sunday mornings in tall uncle and yoga aunt's house. It means waking up to the smell of Lebanese breakfasts. I use the plural because of the variety of treats tall uncle lays out for us. Always the first to arise, he goes to the patisserie and purchases a bit of this a bit of that, so that when the rest of us wake up, there are boxes and packets of some of our favourite foods. Open them up and you'll find soft, melt-int-the-mouth, buttery croissants, sweet, cinnamon, sugar and raisin buns, zaatar mne'eesh, cheese mne'eesh and knefe (a special baked cheese placed in a sesame seed bun). Seeing as it's my last Sunday here (I move into my new place on Thursday), I just had to have a bit of everything! Excuse me while I go for seconds...

This is what greets us on the kitchen table every Sunday morning, begging to be opened...
and then, voila!


  1. One order of knefe for me please. By breakfast tomorrow will do...

  2. I can't keep up! I have so much to read still.... Nooooooooooo. :-)