Friday, April 23, 2010

Globalisation in the Middle East

Today I visited my mother's former university. What was once Beirut University College (BUC) is now known as the Lebanese American University (LAU). There happened to be a conference of Arab-related talks taking place on campus, so I quickly found myself seated in an auditorium listening to a guy giving a talk about 'Arabs and Concepts of Globalization'. During this talk, I discovered that France has an eatery called Beurger King Muslim, Lebanon has a diner called Guns & Buns (where you can order a Viper sandwich), and Fulla is the Muslim counterpart of Barbie - all jazzed up in a hijab and all! Two other interesting things: The Burj al Arab in the Muslim state of Dubai actually displays the state's tallest cross; and if you're keen for a nose job, there are some banks in this part of the world that offer plastic surgery loans!

If you're interested seeing some in advertising in Beirut, check out the blog run by the guy who presented the talk:


  1. Beirut University College (BUC)is now called Lebanese American University (LAU). Were you perhaps at a different university???

  2. Yes, you're right, I'm wrong. Got it confused with AUB because I also went there yesterday. Oeft! Too many universities in one city to keep up with the abbreviations! Will edit my copy! Thanks former BUC student ;)