Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The smell of safety

Ah, the delicious-smelling joy of being in the safe house! (This one's for you Cupcake and Belly Dancer!)
On the menu today: ablama. Boil courgettes before frying them lightly. Slit them enough to stuff a mixture of fried mince and pine nuts in the centre. Line them tightly in a pot and boil them in a mixture of tomato paste and water. Serve with rice and laban (thick yoghurt).


On the menu last week: sheesh barrak. Fry mince meat and make it into balls that you cover with dough to resemble a sombrero. Strain laban (thick yoghurt) to get rid of lumps and boil it while mixing continuously. Add the sombreros and chopped coriander and garlic and continue to stir so that the laban doesn't form a thick crust on the bottom and sides. Serve with rice mixed with vermicelli.

This time kafta balls (left) were also added to the sheesh barrak.
This sombrero (right) isn't the best-looking one, but it gives you the idea.

Sheesh barrak (mixed with kafta balls).

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