Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dinner at sea

If last night was a disaster, tonight made up for it. There's nothing like going on a 'date' with your aunt, laughing like chicks over a bottle of Ksara Sunset (a delicious rose best drunk while the sun sets - tried and trusted) and delving deep into the menu - sampling everything from the nuts and crudites, to tasting foie gras for the first time, and then being served a massive portion of hammour fish, and still insisting on tasting Vanessa (she's a delectable dessert of chocolate mousse and creme brulee honey).
Work isn't too shabby when it comes in a package labelled 'please go out and eat at five of Lebanon's top restaurants and write about the setting'.
This setting happened to be ideal for a date with my aunty friend. Comfy couches overlooking the Mediterranean, as if hovering right above the sea. A dashing waiter named George. Lounge music setting the tone for the trendy bar that changes colour. And then the live singer that just happened to sing my favourite Charles Aznavour song. The Hemingway bar and cigar lounge is nothing like the image conjured up by the name. It's laid-back, mostly white (not the mahogany and deep-buttoned couches I was expecting) and super-cool for a sultry night. The deck is a wonderful addition to the Movenpick Hotel in Raouche.
And I must hand it to them - they sure do know how to put on a show. We had about 10 airplanes passing overhead. (We'll pretend that was for us and give a nod of acknowledgement to the airport down the road.)

The view of Movenpick from the road.

The view of the coast from Hemingways at Movenpick.

The private upstairs deck that can be booked for dinner or lunch.

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