Friday, July 2, 2010

The wedding march

I thought the marching band had come to town to celebrate a pre-empted quarter-final win for Brazil (they're 1-1 against The Netherlands as I type). Crazy things happen here when it comes to the Brazilian and German soccer teams. Drums were beating like crazy and trumpets were competing madly with the sound of the 6pm birds outside my window. So I switched off the game, grabbed my camera and headed down towards the sound, expecting to find a band of people dressed in Brazil's green and yellow.
The marching band turned out to be a traditionally clad wedding band, seeing a bride off from her family's home, two apartment blocks away from mine in our tiny cul de sac. I wasn't the only one who had come out to witness the action: petrol pump attendants, Phillipino maids and the children in their care, taxi drivers and curious neighbours peeking from their balconies all turned out to wave the bride off. If I'd had a vuvuzela, I'd have blown it, joining the cars who followed the bride in a hooting procession towards the church.
PS. It seems The Netherlands might just win this (it's 2-1 to them) and I might just get some sleep tonight!

Part of the traditional band.

Neighbours checking out the action.

Wedding guest fashion.

Close family members usually wear long dresses.

One of the bridesmaids drives her friend to the church.

A procession of white cars hired to drive the close family members to the church follows
the bridal car, creating a hooting cacophony in my little street.

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