Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sex and the Village

Forget about the bride! Walking home from the kermesse I struck it lucky and walked onto the set of Sex and the Village, the glammed-up village version of this year's hit city film. Well, actually it was the church-exiting moment of a village wedding, but I did have to blink twice to snap back from my movie reverie. Even if Carrie Bradshaw had been the bride (again), these Lebanese ladies would have outshone her. Carrie may have worn a bird thingy in her hair for her wedding day, but one of these guests managed to get a bird-like statement onto her entire dress! Snapping away like a paparazzi freak, I managed to capture some fashionable red-carpet moments.
Suddenly, the dress I intend to wear to bride-to-be cousin's wedding in just over two weeks seems very, very plain...

Move over Carrie Bradshaw, this bird needs space to fly!


  1. Hahaha, this reminds me of my first experience at a Lebanese wedding..I'm originally from Miami, and moved to Lebanon 7 months ago. I bought a simple dress from Zara thinking it would be appropriate for a wedding in a Chateau in Jounieh..boyyy did I feel like I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry! But at least I didn't look like the girl in the last picture! What was she thinking??

    One Lebanese wedding is really enough to last me a lifetime!

  2. Crikey, now you've really got me thinking I need to do something about finding THE dress. Aishti has a sale on now, right?! Plus, my heels aren't nearly high enough to compete with these fashionistas. AND I'm definitely going to have to let someone else do my hair and make-up. Too much fuss for a wedding that isn't mine! But super fun nonetheless ;)

  3. Whahahaha. Too funny. Like those booty shoes though.

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