Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Job perks

Just when I thought that my days of attending fashionable horse races, sipping wine on some of the larniest Cape estates and travelling to the most luxurious hotels were over (my previous job was rather great for that!), I get asked to write a story about Placebo's visit to Beirut for Gossip magazine (under my pseudonym Veronique Loger - the French version of Veronica Lodge!). I took a chance and asked if that meant I'd get free tickets to the show and, low-and-behold, two wonderful seated tickets appear in my hands, allowing secretive cousin and I great views of the awesome band. I must admit I was not too in tune with Placebo before - besides knowing the songs we all do ('For What it's Worth' and 'Every You Every Me') but they are so well-rated on my bands list now. Brilliant performance and super acoustics in the Beirut Forum. Thanks job perks!

The magazine with perks.

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