Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mission Manoushe continued...

Mne'eesh are the typical food of taxi drivers. They're super cheap and super filling, so they're normally bought in pairs and a whole meal is made of them. For me, a manoushe is all about the memories. Those summer mornings when Jeddo (my grandfather) used to bring us all a packet full of these yummy delights, spread them out on the table-tennis table and watch as all us kids grabbed our favourite. But Jeddo is no longer with us, and the place he used to purchase them from is very far from me, so I make do with what I can get in the streets surrounding me. Today I went to those I thought would be in the know: taxi drivers. Two of them were sitting outside the petrol station down my road. When I asked them where to find the best manoushe in the area, they both immediately volunteered a loud 'Michel'. Behind the petrol station and down to the left at the first intersection, I smelled the smell of something delicious. It must have been the breakfast of one of the apartment dwellers above, because it sure wasn't Michel's manoushe!

Look: Check out the pic:

Nuf said! I mean, what are those bubbles?!
Smell: Smell? What smell?
Zaatar: Tasteless and not nearly enough sumac.
Dough: Perfectly floured and browned underneath, but so dry when bitten into.
Plus: Nothing really.
Minus: The guy asked whether I was Australian!
Price: LL1 250
Rating: 1/10

Note to self: keep to asking taxi drivers for directions and not for recommendations on food outlets.

If you still don't know what a manoushe is, check out my 10 June entry.

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