Saturday, June 26, 2010

Local foodie

I've always enjoyed grocery shopping, from the days when I used to push Mom's trolley, to the delight I used to find in Stellenbosch's SuperSpar as a newly independent shopper, to the hours I spent trawling the aisles in Rondebosch's massive Pick 'n Pay on the day of my nephew's birth earlier this year (funny how you remember dates!).
Now I've found Spinneys. I'll admit, it's not as exciting as Pick 'n Pay, and doesn't have some of the things I'm looking for, but it's big enough to keep me entertained, and has managed to introduce me to some yummy local products. Today, I got a little carried away and, after walking there (it's just a 10-minute walk down two roads really), I had to catch a taxi back home with all my purchases.
Here are some of the local goods I emptied into my fridge and cupboards just now:

From left to right
Taanayel wild fruit yoghurt from Mount Lebanon.
Candia laban (plain yoghurt) from the Bekaa region.
Al-Rabih Lentisk, an oriental sweet kind of like Turkish Delight.
White eggs from Jbeil.
Chateau Ksara Le Prieure 2007 wine from the Bekaa Valley, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Mourvedre and Cinsault.
Mixed nuts.
Gandour TofiLuk, a biscuit-and-caramel chocolate
Chtaura tahina, a sesame paste used to make hummus.

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