Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Conflict zone

Jumping onto the bus in Hamra, heading home after an artist interview, I received the news. Israel and Lebanon clashed on the border today. This is how one finds out about such things...

Fellow lady passenger: Dahlak Mhalem ('By the way, Sir' - addressed to the bus driver), what happened with Israel now?
Driver: I don't know. They hit Lebanon.
Lady: Yes, but what happened?
Driver: Who knows.
Me: What happened?
Lady: Israel...
Me: In the south?
Lady: Yes. Well, let no one say that this was our fault. They must know that Israel started it this time.

And we drove home in silence, passing arguile-smoking men, Muslim calls to prayer, hot-pants-wearing women, ice-cream-eating kids and one man sleeping in his shop window.

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