Friday, August 13, 2010

Designer kindness

So tomorrow is the day we've all been waiting for: bride-to-be cousin's big walk down the aisle. I woke up from my afternoon siesta with a pit in my stomach - I hadn't thought of getting a shawl to cover my semi-revealing dress during the church ceremony. When I asked Ata gran if she had something I could use, she took me up to her room, opened the drawer that spitted out shawls of every colour, and then took out a Christian Dior package. My heart skipped a beat, but alas, it was empty.

But we found the perfect scarf - silk in a light beige colour that will match the bottom part of my long dress. I love the feeling of silk running between my fingers and have never before worn anything made of this pure material. I jokingly said to Ata gran, 'Maybe this is the Christian Dior scarf.' She searched for a tag and there it was: 'Christian Dior' printed onto the fabric. It was a gift given to Ata gran by my deceased Jeddo granddad, and she says she never wore it.

Now it's a gift given to Lebanese Lantern by Ata gran, and I cannot wait to wear it tomorrow, taking a piece of Jeddo granddad's kindness along with me as I walk down the aisle in designer vintage.

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