Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary

I forgot my parents' wedding anniversary on Thursday! Imagine forgetting such a special day, especially when you're going up to join them for the weekend in the mountains. So, to make up for my thoughtless blunder, I took them out for dinner to a new restaurant in Kaslik called Areej because I happened to interview the owner earlier that day, and he had created quite a foodie impression.

The menu lived up to expectations, and Dad loved his kafta be karaz (kafta in cherry sauce) - a Syrian speciality; and I was very impressed with the Armenian manti - tiny kafta dumplings in herbed yoghurt. We paired this with the first local white wine we've enjoyed here - Ksara Blanc de Blanc 2009 - and polished off the bottle in celebration of 32 years of marriage. (Bhebkon kteer kteer and beaucoup beaucoup... richer and richer!)

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