Monday, August 2, 2010

Garden produce

So Mom and Dad have arrived, the mountain 'villa' is alive with Mom's chatter and Dad's CDs, there's a new oven and a myriad of fruit and vegetables growing in the garden that can be cooked in it.
Dad, who promised not to do any house work until next week, so that he could relax for a while, has already started on his patio-building project with fat neighbour. When they were speaking about it on Saturday night, fat neighbour said he'd get a worker to come 'bookra'. Bookra in Lebanese, means tomorrow - but it's used when you mean next Thursday, the week after or even next month. That's what we've come to expect. However, fat neighbout used it literally this time and at 7am on Sunday morning, a Syrian worker began chopping down old trees and cutting metre-long weeds to make way for the patio. Nice wake-up call, the sound of sweeping...
Anyway, I'm looking forward to sitting on the patio in a month's time and having a stunning view of the fruit-and-veg-filled garden. Look at what's soon going to be ripe for the picking... (and I didn't even capture the cucumbers, limes, mielies, parsley and strawberries!)

One half of the garden.

Dad 'relaxing' while Mom looks for us through the window.

Fat neighbour and Dad taking measurements for the patio.




Prickly pears


A citrus fruit only used for marmalade







  1. aaah my gran always used to talk about the fruit in lebanon, thanks for posting these pix, and i am loving your blog, viv

  2. Ah trace..reminds me of my families home in Greece..also up in the villages where mode of transport is tractor! Peaches, peaches and more peaches....not to mention all the other juicy fruit found in their back gardens. Gees, just isnt the same in the city, huh!?