Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yariba yariba

'Do you have any plans for tonight,' asked groovy aunt when she rang me up on Friday afternoon to see whether I was in the village. 'Nope,' I replied, secretly wishing that she was about to ask me exactly what she ended up asking: 'So do you want to come over for a margarita evening then?'

No need to tell you what my answer was. We were greeted by actor cousin's sombrero and poncho display, followed by an evening of homemade margaritas (and we're not talking the pizza variety here!) and a colourful table of Mexican food.

The Mexican blood in the family arose in full swing, and my Mexican-born Ata gave it all a big thumbs up. The family's Mexican heritage will be shared in a future blog, so until then, keep sipping...


  1. Ooh, ask groovy aunt to have one of these evenings when I'm there!

  2. There will be no booze left for us, Thirsty Kirsty ;)

  3. Three things that groovy aunt never runs out of: Gasoline, eau de javel and ..... MARGUERITAS!!!! Olé!!!!