Sunday, September 5, 2010

Alors on danse

When partying up a Friday night at SkyBar (see my previous SkyBar entry here: High in the sky), there's only one thing that could complete a perfect night of dancing under the stars and brilliantly bright quarter moon: hearing your favourite song. And boy, was our jol made complete!

Lebanese Lantern: I wanna fly, flyyyyyyy with you baby...
Greek sista: Alors on danse...
Sahabte: Pa pa Americano...
Bride cousin: Fly like I do it like I fly like I do it like I fly like I do it like a woman...

And then to top it all off, Greek sista caught the eye of one long-haired barman, scoring us free shooters and a cocktail that happened not to be included on the bill he presented us with.

For a group of four girls, we did well to secure ourselves two seats at the sought-after bar without a booking. And to actually getting in - thanks to tossing in the DJs name and the name of the radio station where DJette works when approaching the bouncer. (It should be added that we made sure to arrive at 9pm, when the party only kicks off at midnight!). The girls at the entrance lobby didn't even glance our way as we passed them and their portable, high-tech electronic-booking systems. While others were being chased away downstairs (I mean, who even tries to get into SkyBar post midnight without a booking - really?!?!), we danced our high-heeled feet off under fire-lit beams and sparkler-filled shooters. And, in true SkyBar fashionista style, Greek sista got her first glimpse of a Louboutin-wearing dolly.

SkyBar barmen greet us upon arrival, seeing as we were of the first people to arrive! Note that there are no women working behind the bar.

Bride cousin called it: the long-haired barman was in love with Greek sista, and admitted to us that he gave us free booze because of her. Thanks sexy Greek!

Lebanese Lantern, Greek sista, Sahabte, Bride cousin.

Dominating the rooftop dancefloor.

And the fire lights come on - and go off... all in time with the moment the beat pops!

Greek sista gets chatted up with the lights of Lebanon flickering behind her and the gorgeous moon peeking over the distant mountain.

That rooftop hawa was really good to shim!

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