Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Sunday equals family day up in the village. A mountain-top village that I had forgotten was connected to the coast by a cable car. Greek sista and I had become so accustomed to our fun bus rides that we weren't too sure about taking the teleferique up to Harissa to meet the fandam. Would it provide sufficient entertainment? There'd be no old men playing with her hair from the seat behind; no greasy La Pebras hairdos offering us Pepsi; no drivers in shirts that match their seat covers; no music that could be turned up...

But step into the teleferique in Jounieh (for only 5 500LL one way) and the need for entertainment slowly disappears as you are transported uphill, via a series of mountainside cables, over magnificent pine trees, looking over a spectacular Mediterranean scene. And then, upon arrival, you're greeted by Mother Mary stretching her arms out to welcome you.

Ahla wa sahla!

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