Monday, September 13, 2010

Beit essentials

A Lebanese beit (home) requires a few essentials. I will highlight three of these. Please feel free to add what you think makes a home a beit.

The arguileh. Best enjoyed on the patio or balcony. Hence the construction of the new staygha in our village home. I mean, we need a visible spot to be seen looking relaxed with a pipe dangling from our mouths when guests arrive or villagers drive by. Cough cough.

The brie. A glass water jug found in every kitchen. It allows residents and guests to drink from the same vessel without allowing it to touch their mouths. Lift it by its handle and tip it above your reclined head to let a stream of water enter your ridiculous-looking open mouth from the nozzle. The water streams down nonstop for as long as you can glug. People here have become so accustomed to the brie that they even drink like this from their plastic water bottles - even when no one else is sharing the 500ml bottle!

The Almaza. Lebanese Pilsner beer since 1933. Nuf said.


  1. From another South African (With Portuguese not Lebanese roots), have to say this post made me laugh as my visits to Lebanon have provided me with proof of these Beit Essentials! Every house I visited had all of the above! hehe! Great blog!

  2. LOL ok thats proof you really are a Saffa! :)

  3. Bayit is house in Hebrew also! :)

  4. Well Cala, now you definitely need to come visit, seeing as you know the lingo ;)

  5. Weyn el ahweh??? Rakweh and fnejeen are needed, otherwise the visitors will never leave... ;-)


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