Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sales in Saida

No, Greek sista was not selling herself in Saida (as some of the very covered women must have thought as they stared at her trotting past in her short shorts!), but rather she and I were visiting the ancient town (Sidon in English) to see what its people have to sell in their streets. It seems they have a lot of food to offer. Which got us in a bit of a fix. You see, it's Ramadan. The time when Muslims fast during the day. But we're not Muslim. And everything looked so good. We just had to try. Yummy pastries made especially for this season in the Muslim calendar - all filled with deliciously decadent ashta. We ate and ate. Until we were told that it's not the done thing to eat in the streets during Ramadan. Then we were thirsty. Muslims fast from drinking water too. So we hid ourselves behind a corner and drank off the sugar sweetness. Then a street vendor offered us to try his sweets. We obliged him after he showed us how he was eating in the middle of the sidewalk too. But then again, he is the same guy who seemed to follow us all the way to our bus - so maybe he doesn't follow any rules!

Grape leaves for cooking one of Lebanon's specialities: wara hareesh - grape leaves rolled around a mince meat and rice mixture.

Chocolates sold in the heat of the day are cooled by a whirring fan and soothed by the sounds of Arabic music.

Lebanese nougat in every form - some topped with pistachio nuts, others enclosed in dried peach.

While the CD-selling boy stares at me, everyone else checks out Greek sista.

Ramadan treats filled with ashta.

Another ashta delicacy that's sold in pieces cut from this big, round pan.

Pyjamas and slippers sold from an enterprising bonnet.

The younger generation were much more at ease with Greek sista's revealing getup. Maybe because she was wearing their favourite colour!


  1. Hehe, your picture #3 was photobombed :)


  2. Gotta love Urban Dictionary ;) Actually, the photobomber was just another of Greek sista's admirers looking to get some of her attention!