Friday, September 3, 2010

Becoming Pierre's friend

Two things that don't seem natural to me: pebble beaches and paying to gain entrance to the beach. I was blessed with having Muizenberg's loooong sandy beach as my garden for two years, so you can understand my confusion when entering a beach resort sporting a 20-metre-long beach in Lebanon and being expected to pay $20 to cram onto it.

So, in the spirit of adventure (and being money-wise) I took Geek sista to a free-entry pebble beach on Thursday and suffered the bum-in-the-air, feet-flying-overhead, slippery-feet-on-algae-stones consequences.

Our day at Pierre & Friends near Batroun (about an hour's bus trip from Beirut) was well spent laughing at each other's antics in attempting to walk over pebbles and entering strong-current waters where waves kept knocking us down. The rest of the time was spent laughing at all the other people doing the same - which becomes really funny when buff-looking 20-year-olds take a dunk and come up looking like nothing happened - pecks out, abs in!

We celebrated the fact that we came out of the experience alive by having lunch on the deck overlooking said deadly pebbles while listening to the rustic resort's Bob Marley tunes.

Now that's shimming the hawa!

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