Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One million dollars...

Remember the little dude in Austin Powers who puts his little finger to his mouth and says, 'one miiiiillion dollars...'? Well imagine if he'd had a finger nail such as this one. It would have made the million dollars seem that much more of a big number, non?

This long-nail-on-pinky-finger thing is very popular among older men in Lebanon. I always thought it was for opening raw almonds but I was informed this weekend, after yet another close (gross) encounter, that it's actually an ear-cleaning device.

Greek sista managed to capture this shot on the bus after I made a big deal about how nice this guy's ring was so that he'd show it to my friend. 'Oh, yes!' she exclaimed, stifling a giggle at the third stalagmite fingernail she'd seen since landing, 'I have to get a photo of your beautiful ring.'

He jumped off the bus proud of his sterling accessory, wiggling his finger in his ear in excitement.


  1. In reality, the long-nail-on-pinky-finger is supposed to show off social class. The less you perform manual tasks for a living, the easier you can grow a perfectly healthy and clean finger nail.