Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jelly belly

Upon entering my belly dancing class just now, I heard the following words: 'Ooh, you've also put on weight.' Nice. I'll admit, I did feel rather sluggish on the 15-minute walk down to class; my thighs were wobbling more than usual while the belly bounced along. But I thought I'd covered up the flab rather well - squeezed it into tight leggings that should have held in the wobble, and covered up with a long-length T so that the bum jump wasn't as visible. Trust the belly dancing teacher - the one who was encouraging us last week to rather have a belly than not have one when performing oriental dance moves - to be the one to point out that the tummy has expanded, poking it where it spurts most.

It was the first time dancing with my new foulard, and the weight definitely made the golden beads shake! I thank you Lebanon for filling me to the brim - and beyond!

Shimmy shimmy shake!

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